Consult, Design, Build, Install

We achieve quality results at every step of the process.
We aim for perfection.

Initial Meeting & Consulting

We begin by listening to you, drawing out your ideas and inspirations. We offer expert advice based on our years of experience to help refine your ideas and make the project clear. We offer expert consulting from the start and our commitment to clarity and communication means we are open and engaged with our clients through to the end.

Budget Proposal, Sketches & Retainer

Once the vision is clear, we start making sketches (or a plan if you already have one). After measuring and photographing the space, we are then able to provide an accurate and detailed written estimate of the project.

If the project is approved, the next step is a drawing or rendering of your project. We use CabinetVision software, which is a highly versatile platform, with the ability to generate detailed drawings and renderings, including textures and colors. Initial drawings and revisions are included in the project estimate. These are provided once an initial retainer is received.

Design & Collaboration


This phase is a great time to look at many pictures online, think about different styles of cabinetry and about any needs or functions that will make your life better.

Details: Plans and Drawings

Once we are clear about the ideas involved, we can start getting down to details. We take detailed measurements to create sketches and schematic drawings. At this phase we show you what your space could look like. Before we start to build, we make sure you approve of the plans and we are really clear about what we will build.


We build in our well equipped  workshop

Using high quality machinery and tooling, our craftsmen turn your dreams into reality. We have the ability to create or duplicate countless molding and edge details. Our casework is accurately cut on Italian and American saws. Assembly is done with care and precision.

We are committed to safety and have installed central dust collection, as well as ensuring each worker is well trained on the various machines.

Installation & Follow Up

We meticulously install the cabinetry to ensure an exact fit.

Final installation of a project is where the rubber meets the road. The finest cabinetry will not look right unless it is correctly installed. Our homes are rarely perfect, so we make sure our cabinets are installed perfectly straight and true. Door and drawer gaps must be precise and all hardware must function correctly. Moldings must have tight joints and be scribed to follow slight variations in the walls, floors, and ceiling.

We make every effort to protect your home and also our cabinetry, while the project is being installed. Carpet runners, corner protectors, and rosin paper or ram board is used wherever needed.

Should a door need adjustment or an access hole need to be cut for a new piece of equipment, we respond promptly, and usually at no cost to you.

With care and a commitment to quality, we stay focused on the end result- a long lasting, high quality cabinet you will enjoy for years to come.

Put Our Decades of Experience to Work for You Custom Cabinetry for Orange County & Surrounding Areas

Put Our Decades of Experience to Work for You Custom Cabinetry for Orange County & Surrounding Areas